Monday, November 19, 2012

Un-stinking with ShowerPill #stayfresh

During the week, I am the queen of fitting in my runs and workouts. I squeeze in runs that end just minutes before I need to get my older son off the bus, or that leave me just enough time to make dinner. And I'll squeeze in runs or workouts before I have to meet people or head out to run errands or whatever. I'm the queen of fitting it in.

This means, however, I don't always have time to shower after. And, as a big time exercise sweater, that's not a great thing. Because dried-on sweat = smelly body. Fortunately for me (and my friends and family!) I found ShowerPill. Because now I can un-stink!

Truth be told, I didn't just find the wipes -- I was invited to try them out for review and I was so excited to do so. I frequently rely on baby wipes to reduce my sweaty smelliness when I don't have time to shower after a run. And, really, there's only so clean you can get using a baby wipe. Those things are fine for babies but sweaty mamas? Well, they're passable but that's about it.

So, what about ShowerPill?

ShowerPill wipes are individually wrapped, designed to be tossed in a gym bag or stored in your car and used after a workout, when you don't have time to shower:

When my box of wipes arrived, I wanted to try them out immediately. I've given them a good test, using a wipe after a fast 5-mile tempo run; a crossfit workout that included 100 kettlebell swings, quarter mile repeats, and 100 squats; and a quick 3.25-mile easy run.

Each workout left me sweaty, for sure. Here I am showing my sweat after my 3.25-miler:

Yes, my friends. Those are beads of sweat on my forehead. And, yes, that's a drenched-with-sweat running top I'm wearing.

Suffice it to say, I was a sweaty mess after that run.

After using the ShowerPill wipes, I was CLEAN. And neither sweaty nor stinky! What a win.

What I like about the wipes:
  • They are individually wrapped, so it is easy to take them with you on-the-go. I could easily keep some wipes in the car, in my jogging stroller, in my diaper bag, and in my bathroom for home use.
  • They really work. The wipes are damp so they really clean. After I wiped down my body, it was slightly damp but dried quickly and was not sticky afterward. That's a problem I have using baby wipes -- the post wipe-down stickiness.
  • Again, they really work. After my crossfit workout, I had to meet some friends for my monthly freezer meal swap. I didn't have time to shower so I used the ShowerPill wipes and felt confident that I wouldn't gross-out my friends at lunch! 
  • The wipes are fairly large (9" x 8") so one wipe will work to clean your whole body. The wipes come folded and the instructions recommend using one folded part of the wipe for each body part. Follow those instructions because they work!
Would I buy these with my own money? Yes. I can honestly say that I would. I live the kind of life where I can't always shower after a run so these would definitely come in handy for me.

And for you? Well, I recommend them. I think they'd make great stocking stuffers -- for you or for the other exercisers in your life!

Lucky you: ShowerPill is running a special on Amazon. You can get a FREE box of 10 ShowerPill wipes using code SPFRIDAY:

Between November 23rd and November 25th, just order 2 boxes of ShowerPill wipes from Amazon and you'll get 1 free! You must add 3 boxes to your shopping cart and enter the code SPFRIDAY to get the 3rd box for free. Don't forget!

You can learn more about ShowerPill on their web site HERE.

Review disclaimer: I received free ShowerPill wipes through FitFluential. I was not otherwise compensated and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. I will definitely keep some these in my gym bag!

  2. Good to know! I definitely had this issues trying to fit runs in between classes.

  3. I've eyeballed them in the store but will finally give them a shot! Thank you for the Amazon deal!