Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thank you, Yankees!

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Given that I love to run, and that I'm a mom of two boys, it isn't much of a stretch to think that I'd be living in a family of sports freaks. And I am. We're all sports freaks round here.

Which makes sense, considering how this family started.

At a Yankees game.


Let me explain.

I met my husband, Owen, at a Yankees game, when we were both young, single and living in the Big Apple. It was just a random game that we both decided to go to with friends -- I went with my roommate and some other friends, and he went with some high school friends. Both groups were meeting up with a common friend.

So we all sat together and since we were all young and single, we all chatted.

And that was that. I had a party to go that night so I said good-bye to the group after the game and thought nothing more of it.

Except that my roommate happened to meet -- and hit it off with -- one of those high school friends from the game. They started dating. I hung out with them and ended up meeting Owen again.

And then, to make a long story short, we dated, he proposed, we got married. Thirteen years and two kids later, we're still here.

Thank you, Yankees!

Oh, and that roommate and the high school friend? Yeah, they got married too. And have two kids. They probably thank the Yankees as much as we do!

Honestly, though, we're not just Yankees fans. We're full-on sports fans. Hockey is probably Owen's #1, but I'm still partial to baseball (and anything in the Olympics).

And football? Sure thing. We're all Giants, all the time around here.

Right, Eli?

He knows what I'm talking about!

I made this custom calendar, thanks to SportsFreak365. It's pretty awesome and I'm pretty sure my two little guys are going to love it.

This one sure does:

In addition to customizing each month with a favorite NY Giants player, I even customized special dates, including this all-important one:

So, again: Thank you, Yankees!

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