Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go for amazing party looks this holiday season!

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Recently, I had a ton of fun getting a makeover as part of a cover model shoot for Healthy Life magazine. Part of that makeover involved dressing up in festive clothes and putting on equally festive makeup. It was great to get a brush-up on festive makeup, considering I spend a lot of my time doing this:

And the rest of my time playing with, cleaning up after, and generally taking care of my two little guys:

Although my day-to-day life doesn't require much in the way of makeup, I do like to get dressed up on occasion. And around the holidays I have more of those occasions. Since those occasions are generally special, I like to give my look a little extra flair -- like most people do around the holidays. It seems like sparkle is everywhere between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve!

Fortunately, I've learned that you can create fun, festive, pretty party looks without breaking the bank. Makeup doesn't have to be expensive -- you can find plenty of good deals at drugstores, for example.

If you'd like to create an amazing party look for yourself this season, here are some tips that I've learned bother from experience and from my recent makeover:

  • Use a primer to smooth your skin and prep it for your makeup. Primer helps your makeup last longer and it fills-in your "crevices" (ha!) so makeup doesn't settle-in and make your skin look wrinkled.
  • A little brow definition can help your look go from average to amazing in seconds! I had never used eye brow pencil before my makeover, but I am a convert. I definitely don't think it is an everyday look for me but for parties it is a sure thing! 
  • If you go for a sparkly eye, do not go for a sparkly lip. And vice versa. Choose one area for sparkle. Too much sparkle is, well, too much.
  • I love classic black mascara and, for party looks, I wear two coats. I'm a fan of tried-and-true Maybelline Great Lash. It has worked for me for years!
  • Go ahead and blush! A lot of people tend to shy away from blush but if you want to fab it up for a party, go for it! Sweeping color over the apples of your cheeks helps finish your look and gives you a nice glow. Just make sure you don't go overboard.
As you prepare for your holiday parties this year, don't be afraid to try out some new looks! Why not splurge on a new lipstick or gloss next time your at the drugstore? Or finally pick up that eyebrow pencil (I'm telling you, it works!)? Glam it up a little, you'll be happy you did!

Lucky you -- I've got some Walgreens coupons for you to make your amazing party looks even easier to achieve!

Do you have a favorite festive makeup tip?

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