Monday, December 20, 2010

Shrinkx Hips review

The first change that I noticed when I was pregnant was that my hips had expanded. Seriously. My hips widened a lot right away, making my pre-pregnancy pants too small before I was even sporting much of a belly. It's one of the annoying parts of pregnancy, in my opinion. Sure, you expect to lose your waist -- you're carrying a baby after all -- but you don't expect to expand your hips. At least I didn't.

But, it's what happens and it is also the thing that new moms would like to fix after giving birth.

Enter Shrinkx Hips.

No, that's not a picture of me. Although, that would be nice . . .

Shrinkx Hips is a hip belt that, when worn in the first 8 weeks after giving birth, helps narrow your hips. Here's a little information on the belt from the web site:
The Shrinkx Hips belt works thanks to the hormone Relaxin, which loosens pelvic joints & ligaments for childbirth. Relaxin then stays in your system up to 8 weeks before joints and ligaments harden in place. Wearing the Shrinkx Hips belt during this time gives you the opportunity to permanently narrow your hips. Shrinkx Hips
  • Provides constant, even pressure to gently guide your hips back to their pre-pregnancy position
  • Must be worn in the first 8 weeks after delivery
  • Easily worn under or over your clothing
  • Comfortable and made of soft Nylon & Spandex materials
Shrinkx Hips is exclusively designed with multiple levels of compression so you can control the amount of pressure on your hips & work towards the best possible results. 
I was sent a belt to use after I had my second son. I started using it about 2 weeks after giving birth and used it until I reached the 8 week mark. To determine how well Shrinkx Hips works, I measured my hips before I started using it and then again afterward.

The belt was surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear. I admit that I felt self-conscious wearing it out in public, so I only wore it at home. But, I could easily wear it under jeans or any regular pants and it wasn't really noticeable. And, it didn't slip around, which was something I worried about. So, if I hadn't been so self-conscious I could have worn it all the time and no one would have been the wiser, I'm sure.

Since I only wore it when I was at home and forgot to put it on some days, I wondered if I would see results.

The answer: I did!

When I measured my hips at the end of the 8 weeks, they were TWO inches narrower. Woo hoo! That's pretty significant, no?

Now, that's great and proof that Shrinkx Hips works. BUT -- and this is a definite but, here -- you don't see full results just by using the belt. I'm very active (started running two weeks after my son was born) and I have been fairly good about eating well. To date, I've lost about 25 of the 34 pounds I gained while pregnant. So, some of my smaller size is due to my weight loss. Because I still have some weight to lose, though, I can see the extra padding around the midsection, right above where Shrinkx Hips has narrowed my hips. So, for the full effect of the product to be realized you need to lose all the extra weight.

However, I like that my hips are back to where they should be. I can get rid of the extra padding (I hope!) and then I'll be all set.

Right now, you can purchase Shrinkx Hips from Upspring Baby for $43.99. That's 20% off the regular price. You can find other online retailers HERE. If you're pregnant, I recommend this for after you give birth. If you're not, it would make a good gift for a friend -- just be sure you don't make her feel like you've noticed her wider hips!

Review disclosure: I received one free Shrinkx Hips belt for review. I was not otherwise compensated and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Wishing I had known about these last year. Oh well, here's to having it for the next time!

  2. Great to hear it can work after the second child even if you didn't use it after the first! I didn't have the money for it the first time around, but will definitely be purchasing it this time. Thanks for the very helpful review! The only question I still have is how did the sizing run? Was it true to size or did it run small?

    Thanks again,