Monday, December 27, 2010

MIO review and promotion.

I have never been a big heart rate training person, in part because I've never wanted to wear a strap across my chest as I run. I recently learned, though, that a chest strap isn't the only way to measure your heart while exercising, making the task more appealing.

I was sent a MIO Motion Original Strapless Heart Rate Watch to try out.

After setting it up with my age, weight, gender, etc. (which was easy) I wore it for a few runs. The idea behind the watch is that it allows you to get your heart rate reading very easily, without wearing a chest strap. You simply put on the watch and, as you're working out, touch anywhere on sensor that surrounds the face of the watch to get your reading. It is super easy. As I was running, I touched the sensor several times to get my heart rate. I didn't have to stop, didn't have to even look at the watch because it doesn't matter where on the sensor you put your finger. And, as you can see from the image of the watch, the sensor (the steel area around the face) is fairly large and that makes touching it to get your heart rate easy.

Here are some details about the watch, from the MIO web site:

  • On demand, ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap
  • Multi-function activity monitor uses accelerometer technology to accurately count steps, estimate speed and distance traveled as well as calories burned.
  • Percentage of maximum heart rate
  • Get results faster with the MIO 3500 Calorie Club program
  • Programmable target heart rate zones with upper and lower heart rate zones
  • Resting heart rate: measures and displays your resting heart rate
  • Exercise timers
  • Water resistant up to 50 M
  • 2 level pedometer sensitivity
  • User accessible battery hatch
  • Compact design for those with smaller wrists

Overall, I liked the size, feel and usability of the MIO. However, I have a Garmin Forerunner that I normally wear when I run and I can't see wearing both the MIO and the Garmin on my wrist. That seems a bit like overkill! But, I would like to wear it for training runs on the treadmill when I am trying specific workouts. Giving heart rate training a try seems like it could be a good thing for me. If you're interested in learning a little more about your heart rate and the benefits of monitoring it, MIO has some information HERE.

The watch retails for $99.

MIO Promotion

Now through the end of the year, though, you can get MIO products at a HUGE discount! MIO is offering 40% off some of their key monitors and 25% off all other products. Check out their special promotion site to see all of the products and discounts. But, hurry, because the promotion only lasts through December 31st.

Review disclosure: I received one MIO to review. I was not otherwise compensated and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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