Friday, October 1, 2010

EcoMaids review

About two weeks ago, I won a free fill-in service cleaning from my local EcoMaids, EcoMaids of Albany. I was pretty excited because the fill-in includes all the bathrooms and the kitchen. Basically, the yuckiest parts of the house to keep clean.

The cleaning was scheduled for yesterday (Thursday) and I was all happy to be getting this treat before my baby arrives. On Tuesday, though, I got a call asking if I could change the date of my cleaning from Thursday to Wednesday. If I could, the EcoMaids would upgrade me to a whole house cleaning.

Um . . . yeah! I said yes and we scheduled the time and I basically couldn't believe my good fortune!

So, Wednesday was the cleaning and I have to say that I was more than happy with the results. First, the team arrived on time and we agreed on what they would clean. Then, I left to go to an appointment. When I returned two hours later, the team was still working so my son and I decided to play outside for a while until they were done. They were just finishing the floors when we went in so we carefully walked around the wet spots and checked out their work. The house smelled terrific -- surprisingly not like cleaning supplies but fresh instead. I guess that makes sense since they are the EcoMaids, after all.

Most important, the house looked really clean. Areas that I didn't even know were dirty -- or had given up hope on -- were clean. Like my microwave. How did they get the front to look as good as new? And my shower? Yeah, I had more or less given up and accepted that the clean that I could achieve was as good as it gets. Turns out I was wrong because the EcoMaids worked wonders. I can't believe I was living with such a grungy shower!

As I said I was pleased with the results and I would recommend the EcoMaids. I feel like I can and should handle most of the housecleaning but I do think I would like to have them come in twice a year or maybe once every three months and give the whole house a good scrub. I think that would make a big difference in the level of clean that I am able to maintain.

Now, I can only speak about the local EcoMaids but there are locations nationwide, because it is a franchise operation. To find an EcoMaids near you, visit their web site. And, local readers: EcoMaids often runs contests and promotions on their Facebook page so do yourself a favor and follow them!

Have a good weekend!

Review disclosure: I won this free cleaning and chose to post a review on my own. I was not asked to, nor was I compensated in any way.


  1. What perfect timing for you to win such a great prize!

  2. I will say that personally my experience with ecomaids was not so great. I had paid 245.00 to have an entire home cleaned. When I returned home, I found that one of my valued items had been broken and thrown in the trash( which was not taken out). I also found a half job done. My window sills had not been cleaned, there were still cobwebs on the walls, the worst was yet to come when I watched my video surveillance and saw one of the ecomaids steeling money from out of my bedroom drawers. I would not recommend this company to anyone, they are lousy good for nothing crooks. And to add insult to injury the "boss" Erin?(short with red hair) would not even refund me my money. She offered me a re-clean which I did not want any more thieves in my home. This company is the worst and I will never use their services again.

  3. I was a loyal customer of this company for years but, in the past year, the service has gone downhill drastically. When I purchased my new home, I called for a deep cleaning and was charged $312. I barely got a regular cleaning and the company refuses to refund the difference. Don't waste your money on this company.