Friday, October 29, 2010

HALO Sleepsack Swaddle review.

Just a few days before my son was born, I received the perfect item to review: The HALO Sleepsack Swaddle, size newborn. Excellent!

I used HALO Sleepsacks for my first son (until he was almost 3!), but had never used the Sleepsack Swaddle so I was really interested in trying it out. Basically, it is a sleepsack wearable blanket that has a detachable, adjustable swaddle feature. According to the HALO site:
The 2-in-1 SleepSack Swaddle hugs your baby to prevent the startle reflex - allowing your little one to sleep more soundly. The SleepSack Swaddle replaces loose blankets for safer sleep and allows your baby to stay safe, warm and cozy all night long. 
This is clearly a product for people like me who know that babies love to be swaddled, but who can't make a tight swaddle with regular blankets to save their lives. The Sleepsack Swaddle keeps babies wrapped and warm! For us, that has meant better sleep. My son is now about 3 weeks old and I have used the HALO Sleepsack Swaddle since he was a few days old. Every time I have used it, he's slept comfortably and I've felt confident that he's warm enough without a blanket.

Look at that peacefully sleeping little guy:

The product is easy to use and has some good features: It zips from the bottom up, which makes checking and changing a diaper easy; the velcro pad is large so you can make your swaddle as tight or loose as you'd like.

Unfortunately, I did find one downside to the HALO Sleepsack Swaddle: The sizing. I received a size newborn, which is supposed to be for babies 0-3 months, weighing from 6-12lbs, measuring 19-23 inches. My son is now 9lbs and 20.5 inches and he is now too big for the sleepsack. I'm bummed, because I really like it and would like him to still be able to wear it. But, it is simply too small.

Overall, I like this product and will use the larger size sleepsacks as my son grows. I only wish he could have been in the newborn one for as long as the product information says he should.

You can purchase the HALO Sleepsack Swaddle at Target, Babies R US and Buy Buy Baby. You can also order it online from those stores as well as, and Right now, Amazon has the cotton Sleepsack Swaddleon sale for $19.00, with free shipping (it is regularly $24.95).

Review disclosure: I received a free product for review but was not otherwise compensated. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Jakfish maternity activewear -- deep discount!

Over the summer I reviewed Jakfish activewear for pregnant women (check out the post here). I loved the tank and the running skort that I was sent to try and also loved the fact that Jakfish is an independent company operating in Vermont.

Well, now they are having a special sale and ALL of the Jakfish activewear is on sale for 40% off the regular price. That's a great discount! So . . . if you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant soon, I suggest you head over to Jakfish and get yourself some activewear!

Visit their site here.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SkinMD discount and contest

SkinMD is having a $400 "Fall into Cooking" giveaway on their site right now. Here's what they are giving away:
Keep your hands soft as silk in the kitchen with a year's supply of Skin MD Natural and enjoy cooking with a brand new ceramic casserole set and eco friendly roasting pan with rack.
Total estimated value of prize pack is $400 and includes the following items:
  • Oval Casserole Dish size 14" x 8" x 5.25" with 3L Capacity
  • Oval Casserole Dish size 16.5" x 10" x 6.25" with 4L Capacity
  • Round Casserole Dish size 11" x 8.5" x 5.5" with 2.6L Capacity
  • Set of Four Ramekins size 4" x 4" x 2"
  • Roasting Pan with Floating Rack size 17" x 13" x 3.5"
    holds up to 25lbs
  • Kitchen Composter
  • 6 Bottles Skin MD Natural Original
  • 6 Bottles Skin MD Natural SPF 15

That's a lot of stuff! So, go now. Go check it out! Don't leave your comment here, please. The contest is only on the SkinMD site :-)

They are also offering 20% off their products until November 30th with the discount code FALL10 during check out at

Good luck!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Giveaways for cloth diaper lovers

Are you a parent who uses cloth diapers? Or are you curious about them and want to check them out to see if they are for you (and your baby!)?

Well, Coupon Mommy of 3 has several cloth diaper giveaways going on right now that you can enter. Check out this giveaway that she has for Abby's Lane. She has a bunch of other ones, too, including Happy Heinys, Wee Little Changes and Nurtured Baby Boutique -- you can find links to all of those right on her main page or on the page for the Abby's Lane giveaway.

Good luck to those of you who enter!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yum -- Wholly Guacamole coupon!

Here's a high-value coupon for all you snackers out there! Save $1.50 on Wholly Guacamole guacamole, salsa or queso by printing this PDF file.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ecomom winner!

I'm a little late posting the EcoMom winner but I have a good reason: The newest member of the Happy Runner clan was born this week! If you're interested, you can check out my post here.

Anyway, I do have an EcoMom winner and it is . . .

Congratulations, Jamie! Send me your address (felicehalf at yahoo dot com) so you can get your gift certificate. I hope you get something fun!

Big thanks to EcoMom for this giveaway.

Friday, October 8, 2010 personalized plates review.

Last week I was sent a new product to check out from Personalized melamine plates. 

The plate that they sent me is super cute. Check it out:

I liked the shape of the plate because there isn't a big rim so it could easily be used for serving cupcakes or cookies or any kind of snack, really. And I think that would be a main use for a personalized plate -- serving. Although, I could see a really cute table set with plates that have every family member's name or monogram on them. Or special holiday-themed plates. Or . . . so many ideas!

Back to what I liked: Melamine. For a mom, a plate that is less likely break (as a melamine plate would be) is a bonus. I also liked that the plate can go in the dishwasher but was a bit bummed that it can't go in the microwave. But, that's not as big of a deal as being able to go in the dishwasher!

The Expressionery personalized plates will debut on their web site starting TODAY, 10/8/10. So, if you are interested in a cute gift idea, check them out!

Review disclosure: I was sent a free plate to review but was not compensated in any way and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Frigidaire "Set a Place at the Kids' Table" campaign

Frigidaire has just launched a new campaign in support of Save the Children. Called "Set a Place at the Kids' Table," the goal is to help make sure that more children have access to nutritious foods this holiday season and all year long. How will they do that? Well, you play a part. Each time you set a place at the virtual kids' table, Frigidaire will donate $1 to support Save the Children's work to help children in need in the U.S., as part of their $500,000 commitment to this worthy cause.

Participation in the campaign is simple: Visit the web site to set a place at the kids table. You click on the "Set a Place" link and you'll bring up a page where you can select which setting you would like to place at the kids' table. Every day you set a place, Frigidaire will donate $1 to help kids in need AND you'll be entered for a chance to win the daily prize, $50 towards your holiday spread, and the grand prize, a new Frigidaire a Frigidaire Professional® freestanding gas range.

All you have to do is click!

So, check it out, help donate to a good cause, and maybe you'll be lucky and win! 

Disclosure: I was given one entry to the Frigidaire contest for posting about this campaign. I was not compensated in any way.

PS: Don't forget to enter the EcoMom giveaway!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smartypants review and Ecomom giveaway!

Have you heard of EcoMom? It's a web site that offers eco-tips, a community site and plenty of shopping. Here's some info from the Eco-friendly Baby Products -- EcoMom site:
Founded to address the connection between the health of our environment and the health of our children, EcoMom is committed to making eco-conscious living easy, affordable, and rewarding. By helping women begin to take better care of themselves and their families – with education, support, tools and products - we empower them to take the all important first steps toward a healthier, more balanced, and sustainable lifestyle.

It is basically a site that is right up my alley because I like to seek out products that are healthy for my family. They have an interesting blog on the site that is filled with tips and green info that I've enjoyed reading.  So, I was happy when I was offered the opportunity to review a product and participate in an EcoMom giveaway.

The Review

I was sent a bottle of Smartypants Gummy Vitamins -- one of the featured products on the EcoMom web ste -- for review. The multivitamins contain all the usual suspects, plus Omega 3 DHA and EPA. My son already takes gummy vitamins but when I tried the Smartypants kind, I noticed that they have a much different consistency than the ones we're used to. Since my son is pretty particular about things, I wasn't sure how he'd react to changing up his vitamins. He's one of those kids who just likes things as they are, no changes please.

I shouldn't have worried. He loves the Smartypants vitamins -- more than his regular ones, in fact. And that's just fine with me because in addition to all the good stuff that the vitamins contain, what they don't contain is as important. Here's some info:
SmartyPants Gummies only have 5g of Organic cane sugar per serving (that is 80% LESS sugar than in a glass of unsweetened apple juice). SmartyPants are made with only natural colors and flavors and no High Fructose Corn Syrup. They are also gluten- and casein-free. They never use any fake or artificial flavors, sweeteners, or dyes that are bad for your kids!  Their Omega 3 DHA and EPA fish oil comes from eco-friendly sustainable small fish sources. No unsustainable tuna or contaminated fish!
So, overall, I'm pleased with the vitamins and would recommend that anyone looking for a multivitamin for their kids check them out!

The Discounts

Right now, if you are interested in ordering the vitamins (or anything from EcoMom's site) I have a discount code for you! You can get 15% off your first order now through October 31, 2010 by using the code SBBL612.

You can also take advantage of EcoMom's new program -- EcoPass. By purchasing a $99 annual membership, you get a 15% discount and free shipping on every order. Not a bad deal, especially if you are buying lots of baby food, green cleaning supplies or vitamins!

The Giveaway

Lots of info, I know. And now I have the goody part of the post that you've been waiting for: The giveaway! EcoMom has offered one reader a $15 gift certificate for their store, good for residents of US and Canada.

To enter (corrected):

Leave me a comment!

Additional entries:

As always, you can gain a few additional entries (leave one comment per entry for the additional ones to count):
  • Follow this blog or my other blog, or let me know that you already do (leave a comment)
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This giveaway will run through Tuesday, October 12th at 11:59pm EST and the winner will be announced on Wednesday.

Thanks to EcoMom for this great giveaway!

Good luck!

Review/Giveaway disclosure: I received a free bottle of Smartypants vitamins to review. I was not compensated for this post and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Friday, October 1, 2010

EcoMaids review

About two weeks ago, I won a free fill-in service cleaning from my local EcoMaids, EcoMaids of Albany. I was pretty excited because the fill-in includes all the bathrooms and the kitchen. Basically, the yuckiest parts of the house to keep clean.

The cleaning was scheduled for yesterday (Thursday) and I was all happy to be getting this treat before my baby arrives. On Tuesday, though, I got a call asking if I could change the date of my cleaning from Thursday to Wednesday. If I could, the EcoMaids would upgrade me to a whole house cleaning.

Um . . . yeah! I said yes and we scheduled the time and I basically couldn't believe my good fortune!

So, Wednesday was the cleaning and I have to say that I was more than happy with the results. First, the team arrived on time and we agreed on what they would clean. Then, I left to go to an appointment. When I returned two hours later, the team was still working so my son and I decided to play outside for a while until they were done. They were just finishing the floors when we went in so we carefully walked around the wet spots and checked out their work. The house smelled terrific -- surprisingly not like cleaning supplies but fresh instead. I guess that makes sense since they are the EcoMaids, after all.

Most important, the house looked really clean. Areas that I didn't even know were dirty -- or had given up hope on -- were clean. Like my microwave. How did they get the front to look as good as new? And my shower? Yeah, I had more or less given up and accepted that the clean that I could achieve was as good as it gets. Turns out I was wrong because the EcoMaids worked wonders. I can't believe I was living with such a grungy shower!

As I said I was pleased with the results and I would recommend the EcoMaids. I feel like I can and should handle most of the housecleaning but I do think I would like to have them come in twice a year or maybe once every three months and give the whole house a good scrub. I think that would make a big difference in the level of clean that I am able to maintain.

Now, I can only speak about the local EcoMaids but there are locations nationwide, because it is a franchise operation. To find an EcoMaids near you, visit their web site. And, local readers: EcoMaids often runs contests and promotions on their Facebook page so do yourself a favor and follow them!

Have a good weekend!

Review disclosure: I won this free cleaning and chose to post a review on my own. I was not asked to, nor was I compensated in any way.