Thursday, August 12, 2010

SCAPE sunscreen review

I've been quite the slacker-blogger. Several months ago, the folks at SCAPE contacted me to review their new sunscreen line and I agreed. But, after trying it out I just hadn't gotten around to actually posting my review. I hope "better late than never" is true in this case!

I tried out the regular sunscreen (pictured above), the face stick and the lip balm. Of the three, I liked the regular sunscreen the most. With it's SPF of 30, I would have expected it to be a little thicker than it was and I was pleasantly surprised that it glided on smoothly and well. My family and I used the sunscreen while on a week's vacation when we were outside more than we were in. And, during that time, I wore it when I ran a race and, overall, it worked very well!

I also tried the lip balm and I have to be honest: I didn't love it. The texture was fine but there was something unsettling about the scent and taste. I can't exactly pinpoint what it was other than I was not expecting the balm to have a taste at all so the fact that it did was disconcerting. It wasn't wholly minty or wholly fruity it was just . . . odd. So, I don't think the lip balm is for me. But, for those of you who don't mind a little flavor, the texture of the lip balm was pretty good.

Now, I'm a big proponent of sunscreen use so I think the fact that there is another product on the market, designed specially for athletes, is great. Sunscreen that is waterproof and is key for those summer workouts!

Review disclosure: I received free products from SCAPE for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any way and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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