Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ROHTO eye drops review and giveaway.


I was recently sent a supply of ROHTO eye drops to use and review. I'd never heard of them but since I have eye issues (scratched cornea back in the spring that keeps flaring up), I was eager to check them out. Plus, I learned that they sponsor some Ironman triathletes so I figured that using the same eye drops that those hard-core peeps do would make me feel a little more, you know, hard-core.

I received one of each of the four ROHTO varieties -- Hydra, Cool, Ice and Arctic -- and was instructed to start by using the Hydra drops, since those are the least cooling, and move from there to cool, ice and, finally, arctic. Unusual instructions? Maybe, but they make sense because the drops are unlike any others (that I've tried, at least) with their cooling properties.

Yeah, I didn't really know what cooling eye drops were all about so I tried out the Hydra not realizing that doing so would be like giving my eyes a mint. Hoo ha! My eyes felt . . . minty? Chilly? Cool, for sure, but in that icy hot way.

After the initial cool wore away (which happened fairly quickly), my eyes felt nicely hydrated and refreshed. It was really like giving my eyes a mint -- the drops pepped them back up.

I've since tried the other varieties and I believe that, for me, they are too strong. My scratched up eye simply can't handle too much cooling, so the ice and arctic types were too much. But, I can see the benefit for someone who works out in really dry and hot conditions.

Here's a little info on ROHTO from their web site:
Eye Irritation: Sun, dirt and sweat are just a few of the things that irritate eyes after a long run. ROHTO Cooling Eye Drops, a favorite among endurance athletes, are a great way to relieve irritation and redness, and restore moisture. More than just “eye drops,” they provide a cooling “kick” that helps refresh and rejuvenate your eyes, helping you stay focused. ROHTO is the largest selling eye drop brand in the world. The ROHTO line includes:
  • ROHTO® Hydra: The newest product offering, specifically formulated to lubricate and provide long-lasting moisture for dry, irritated eyes with the closest hydration to natural tears, while also providing the brand’s signature cooling “kick”
  • ROHTO® Cool: a general purpose eye drop that combines redness relief with a gentle cooling sensation
  • ROHTO® Ice: relieves redness while also soothing itch, irritation and burn with an intense cooling sensation
  • ROHTO® Arctic : revives strained, overworked eyes and relieves redness with a mild “pick me up” sensation.
The drops retail for $6.99-$8.99 at drugstores like CVS across the country.
The Giveaway:

One lucky reader will win an entire line of the ROHTO eye drops.

To enter:

Leave me a comment and let me know you'd like to try out the eye drops.

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EDITED!!! The giveaway will run through 11:59pm EST on Thursday, September 2, 2010 and the winner will be chosen using and posted on Friday.

Another contest!

ROHTO is hosting an Endurance Sweepstakes through September 30, 2010, where two grand-prize winners (one male and one female) will receive a men’s and women’s Ceepo® bike, respectively. The sweepstakes also includes weekly prizes of ROHTO Training Kits that will include a valuable assortment of training gear and nutritional items. Go to to enter or print a $1.00 coupon.

Good luck!

Review/giveaway disclosure: I received free eye drops from ROHTO to review. I was not otherwise compensated for this post and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. I'd like to try them. I have terribly dry eyes!

  2. I wear contacts, so count me out, but I'll post on my blog.

  3. I would love to try these eye drops! My eyes are always giving me trouble!

  4. I'm a fan of the happy runner on facebook! :D

  5. I'd love to try them. I work long shifts (12 hrs) in front of a computer and live in hot FL, so these would be super helpful!

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  7. I would love to try them. My eyes always feel dry and irritated after biking.

  8. I'd love to try these drops out!
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  16. It's a little bit annoying, especially when I'm working. I need to take around 5 mins break after applying the eye drops to get my vision back =w=;;Can-C eyedrops

  17. I would love to try the rest of the line...I have actually tried the HYDRA and they are incredible!