Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crystal Light $100 gift card winner!

Thank you all for sharing your stories during my month of BlogHer/Crystal Light:Pure Fitness posts. I learned a lot about all of you! It was fun.

And almost just as fun is posting the winner of the Visa $100 gift card! Selected using random.org, the winner is . . .

LISA from Chasin' Bunnies!

Woo hoo! Now, Lisa is a blogger I read regularly and she's always training hard while raising her kids and doing good things help others. She's also very supportive and I appreciate her comments! Check her out.

Here's Lisa's comment that she left on the post about proudest fitness achievements:

my proudest fitness moment happened in 2005 - when i decided that every day that i woke up and felt good, i would get out and move my body. it was a life changing moment. you won't find race results for me prior to that...

Congratulations, Lisa! And keep moving that body! ;-)

(I've sent your email along to BlogHer so they should be in touch!)

Have a great week, everyone!