Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shamrock Farms Rockin' Refuel review.

First things first: I am not a milk drinker. Don't think I ever have been. There's just something about it that I don't go for. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I know it.

And yet, with all the talk recently about how chocolate milk is this super-duper recovery drink I've sometimes wondered if maybe I was missing out. Could I recover better from my runs if I would just get over my distaste for milk? And what about the whole chocolate thing? Who doesn't like chocolate?

OK, plenty of people don't like chocolate but I'm not one of them. I go for the stuff. The darker the better. But that's not the point. I'm here to talk about chocolate milk. Specifically, Shamrock Farms Rockin' Refuel, a chocolate milk recovery drink.

I was sent two bottles to try out and I admit that I was quite curious about the stuff. If you've read The Happy Runner for any length of time you may recall that I've had bouts of post-run migraines, especially when running a hard workout in the summer. I have some convoluted post-run routines to help stave off the migraines and they've mostly worked. But, they also involve coffee, water, almonds, dried cranberries . . . all in the perfect amounts.

So, this Rockin' Refuel. Maybe consuming one recovery drink would be easier than my routine.

And, for sure, it is. Just opening a bottle is certainly easier than measuring out almonds and all that. But, for me, there's still the whole milk issue. And I've got to be honest: I couldn't get over how I feel about milk to take that first sip. I thought I would be able to! Such mental issues . . .

I had agreed to do a review, though, so I didn't give up that easily. Instead, I improvised and poured the bottle of Rockin' Refuel into my blender, along with some ice and whipped up a quasi-shake.

It was delish! Seriously, I wonder why I haven't blended up post-run shakes before. What a smart idea. I may have to make it a habit. It was cool and filling (should be at 300 calories) and I wasn't craving something else to eat a half hour later, like I sometimes am after my runs. So, that was a bonus.

Will I buy it? You know, I'm not sure. It is an easy way to get post-run protein and it is a good source of both calcium and vitamin D (here's the nutrition information). But, it is also pricey. So, I'm going to go with maybe on this one.

You can download a Rockin' Refuel coupon here.

Review disclosure: I was sent two bottles of Rockin' Refuel to try out and review. I received no other compensation and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. You may have already tried this, but....I too get headaches when I do a hard run workout, or one when it's warm out. I sweat a lot and realized that it was my electrolytes getting out of balance. Once I started taking salt tablets with harder more headaches. If you haven't tried it....might be worth a shot!

  2. I am unfortuantely not a milk drinker (at all)- maybe they will come up with a nondairy version soem day :).

    I have the same problem with headaches (I have found that anything over an hour of intense working out causes this)and I really would like to get some salt tabs-I've heard they really work well :)

  3. Thanks for the salt tabs suggestions! I've never tried them -- don't know why I never thought of them!