Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Irongirl sunglasses.

I had been running with an embarrassing pair of sunglasses. The nose thingy had fallen off and the arms were a mess. They were ridiculous.

Then, the folks at The Sunglass Man asked me to review their running sunglasses. They found the perfect person to do so! I was more than ready to change glasses so I happily said yes.

I went to the web site and ordered up a pair of Irongirl sunglasses. When they arrived, I thought they might be a little too cool for me. I mean, my old sunglasses were dork-city and these are something else. They are quite sleek. Take a look:

Since I received the sunglasses, I've worn them on a half dozen or so runs and I like them. They fit well; they don't bounce around or slip at all. They also block the sun and glare so I can run without squinting. Unfortunately, they fog up a little. This is just a problem that I have with all running sunglasses. They always fog on me. My last pair did, the pair before that . . . now these. It's not terrible and certainly no worse than any other pair that I have worn. It just happens and I live with it.

What I like the best about the glasses is the price. So often, running gear that works well is expensive. In fact, I'd been contemplating an $80 pair of glasses before getting these. Yikes, right? Yeah. Anyway, the Irongirl sunglasses go for $27.95, which I think is a good deal considering the quality.

All in all, I've very happy with my new sunglasses and recommend that if you are in the market for a pair, you check out The Sunglass Man. They have tons of styles, not just running sunglasses!

Review disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product from the company to use and keep but did not receive any other compensation for this review.


  1. Those sunglasses look awesome!!

  2. I REALLY could have used those yesterday. I opted for a winter hat over my visor, and was running blind for a good 2 miles. Blah. Thanks for the reveiw!

  3. Heather -- I'm always in such trouble when I forget my sunglasses. I squint like crazy and usually end up with a headache. Yuck!

  4. They look great! Now, if someone would dsign a pair of reasonably prices FOG FREE sunglasses we'd all be happy.

  5. How very cool to get free stuff to review!!!

    The glasses look cool. I'm with you on the fogging problem current pair (whopping $9.99) do the same thing, but considering the cost I usually let that just go, you know?

  6. I bought my first pair of Iron girl sunglasses from Sports Authority. Once I tried them on, I was hooked. I have worn them for a few weeks and love them. I always "baby" my glasses. Today, I discovered a crack in them on the rim of the frame. I am so upset! They are the Victorious model. I have to find the receipt and drive 45 minutes to return them. I am not happy.I guess you get what you pay for.

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