Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GoLite tote review

Two weeks ago, I received a GoLite tote bag from OutsidePR to review. They sent the one in green (it also comes in red and black) and it looks just like this:

As soon as I opened the package, I decided to change over my regular bag to the tote and give it a true test of usability. The first thing that I noticed about the bag is that it really is light. For as large as it is, it is not heavy at all. So, if I complain at all about my bag being heavy, it's not the bag. It's me and all the junk I put in there!

The second thing I noticed about the bag is that it has tons of pockets. That's great. I put so much stuff in my bag (I travel with a 2-yr old and they just happen to need stuff!) that I knew the pockets would come in handy.

And they did. There was a pocket-like area that worked perfectly for my Wet Ones (yes, I travel with a big, honking container of them), a pocket for my cell phone, one for my wallet, a large one for diapers and wipes, and still others. I loved all the pockets!

What I didn't like, though, was the interior color. It was black and because the bag is deep, the dark interior makes it a little tough to find things.

Another feature is the top zipper. I liked that I could zip everything into the bag and not have to worry about it falling out (it happens to me -- a lot). But I didn't love that the zipper made the opening of the bag smaller than it needed to be. That's minor, though.

Overall, I liked the bag. In fact, when I was at Williams-Sonoma over the weekend, I carried the bag and a woman stopped me to tell me how much she loved it. She loved the color, loved the shape and loved all the pockets. That compliment made up for my mother's comment, which was, "What's with the green bag?"

Ah, mothers :-)

I've decided that the bag is too large to be a handbag, but the right size for toting my toddler necessities: Extra outfit, Wet Ones, diaper, wipes, snack, drink, etc. So, I'll continue to use it for those trips to the library, playdates, gymnastics class and all the other places I drag my little guy :-)

Accoring to the web site, the tote retails for $70. You can check it out here. In looking around their site, I saw a ton of stuff that I would love. The longsleeve zip looks good and so does the black mountain thermal wind jacket. And, they have cool hydration backpacks.

I also read about the company and I'm super impressed. Take a moment to read about GoLite here. They use recycled material to make their products and are working toward using 100% Environmentally Preferred Materials by 2015. They're committed to sustainability and to fair labor and supporting volunteering. All good stuff! Go, GoLite!

You can purchase GoLite products on their web site, at EMS stores and online retailers like prolitegear.com, moosejaw.com and backcountry.com.


  1. Well now we have to meet in person, we have twin bags :)

    Diaper bag for sure...LOL

  2. I will have to check it out!I love the green color. I am a bag fanatic! Love pockets and zip tops! Especially with all the kiddos stuff I tote around. EVERY bag I carry somehow gets turned into a diaper bag! lol!