Friday, October 23, 2009

Opedix running tights review.

Earlier this year, I was invited to test out a pair of Opedix running tights. At the time, the weather was a bit too warm to wear the tights for a run (they were sent in June) so I held on to them knowing that I would have plenty of chances to wear them this fall.

And so I have. I've worn the Opedix tights on a few runs and they've gone through the wash several times. Before I get into my review of the tights, here are some details for you.

From the web site:
Using proprietary fabrics designed specifically for comfort and support, the Opedix Knee Support System incorporates a patent-pending anchor and sling design to provide support to the outside of the knee, which reduces the amount of damaging outward movement and decreases the stresses or "load" on the knee joint.

The Science

When the foot strikes the ground, the forces exerted want to push the knee joint to the outside, creating wear points on the inside of the joint where most of the "load" is borne. The Opedix Knee Support System acts to counter these forces and reduce the load.

Our Un-Loading Technology

Ingrained in Opedix R1's DNA are principals of traditional un-loader knee-bracing theory which reduces the knee-adductor moment to reduce medial knee-compartment load - a combination of muscle, ligament, and ground-reaction forces which significantly, and often detrimentally, increases in magnitude during physical activities such as running. This mechanical process is referred to by scientists as "unloading" the knee and is a established strategy for reducing pain, increasing physical function of the knee joint, and mitigating the progression of lower-extremity pathologies including osteoarthritis.

So that's the story of the knee support system. Here's what the tights look like:

Now, how did they work for me?

Well, I liked them -- for the most part. I was sent a women's medium that, based on the sizing chart on the web site, appeared to be the right size for me. Unfortunately, the tights were a little off. They were almost long enough but the rise was too short. I've never thought that I have a particularly long rise, but maybe I do. Or, more likely, the tights were too short in that area (I don't have a problem with the rise on other pants, tights, etc.).

Since the rise was short, I felt like I was yanking the tights up all the time, which was a little annoying. The other issue I had was with the ankles. Although I liked that the ankles zipped, so the fit could be tight but getting the tights on and off wouldn't be a problem, the zippers were slightly abrasive. And slightly abrasive is really not ideal when you are out for a long run. Nope. Slightly abrasive can mean hugely chafing. Not good. On one of my runs, I felt the abrasion and just unzipped the ankle a bit and that solved the problem.

As far as the knee support system goes, I liked how that part fit. My knees were perfectly wrapped. I didn't feel any notable difference in my knees after runs wearing the tights vs. not wearing the tights. What I did notice, however, was that my right hip (which is prone to tightness) did not feel tight at all after runs with the tights. That is huge in my book!

Also, the construction is fairly heavy-duty so even though I received the all-year weight tights they will be good for runs in cold weather.

The biggest downside to the tights that I see is the price. They retail for $190. That's a lot of dough. I spend way less than that on my running shoes so I'm not sure I'd be keen to spend that much on tights. If I had a lot of knee issues, though, I think I'd be more likely to consider it.

(Note: They are available on Amazon for a lot less. Check out the Women's running tightsfor $113.)

Overall, I'm happy to have these tights in my rotation but not sure I would spend the money to buy them.

You can check out the tights and their other products at the Opedix web site here.

Review disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product to use and keep but did not receive any other compensation for this review.


  1. Thanks for the honest and thorough review!

  2. Well I must say that was completely honest review. I am thinking to buy new running tight but my some friend told me that it can harm out leg muscles. I was wondering is it true??
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  3. No, running tights will not harm leg muscles
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