Tuesday, September 8, 2009

UPrinting Giveaway

Originally post on The Happy Runner on September 3rd.

Due to my agreement with BlogHer ads, I had to remove the original post from The Happy Runner and start as separate giveaway blog. Rest assured that if you commented to get in on the giveaway, you will still be considered!

Here is the original post:

As promised, today is a giveaway day. And, it's a little weird because this is a very non-running giveaway. But, it sounded like something people would be interested in so I decided to offer it.

Here's the deal: UPrinting.com recently took a poll on twitter and asked what readers would like to see offered in a giveaway. The number one choice was business cards. So, thanks to UPrinting, two Happy Runner readers can win 500 die-cut business cards for themselves. You chose your design.

How cool, huh?

Yeah! So, you could use these cards for business (no, really?) or just for personal stuff. Promote your blog, create a calling card, list your contact info to make setting up playdates easier (I'd be all over that one!).

  • Choose size: 2x3.5”, 2x3”, 2x2";
  • Choose paper: 14pt cardstock (matte or gloss coating) & 13 pt cardstock uncoated
  • Choose Color: (4/4) Color both sides; (4/1) Color 1 side , B/W backside; (4/0) Color 1 side, black backside
There is one catch (sorry!): Shipping must be paid by the winner (the shipping costs don't look very high, though, according to the web site). And, the offer is valid for UNITED STATES SHIPPING ONLY (again, sorry!).

ENTER: Please leave a comment for each entry. In order to enter, you must leave at least one comment but you can get up to four entries.

1. How would you use the cards if you win?

2. Tweet about this giveaway.

3. Follow The Happy Runner or let me know that you are already a follower.

4. Mention this giveaway on your blog.

The giveaway will end September 8th and two winners will be selected using random.org.

* * *

On to running stuff . . .

My hip felt lousier as the day went on yesterday. I don't know what the deal is. But, I did take some ibuprofen, used the foam roller and stretched well. Today it feels OK again so I hope to get my scheduled speed work in. I have a feeling that once I start running everything will be fine. Let's hope so!

Happy Thursday -- it's almost the weekend!!

~ Felice